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Adobe Photoshop (CC) Vs Affinity Photo – A Quick and Dirty opinion

Most everyone knows Photoshop. Its he industry standard for photo manipulation. Prior to the introduction of AdobeCreative Cloud, it was a highly pirated piece of software. With the introduction of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan allows individuals to get Photoshop CC for the simple price of $10 a month. This is great compared to the hundreds that Photoshop CS6 would have cost you, but it also has the downfall that you will always be paying for the software as long as you want to continue to use it. This brings me to Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is another Photo manipulation software developed by Serif (  Looking over some tutorial videos, I found that Affinity Photo offered majority of the editing option I was using in Photoshop. There were a few things I had issues with like changing the path of text, but it was not enough to have me doubt the ability of the application to replace Photoshop. Serif offers a 10 day trial of the software. Once I got to put my hands on the software, I was completely impressed. Affinity Photo has built in tutorials (links to videos and what not) on how to do some common things you would do in this type of software.  This software is a flat rate of $50.00 (Currently as of time of writing, 30% off).

With both of these products being exceptional for my needs, the only thing that was really tipping me towards affinity was the flat rate. Affinity costs more up front but  six months with Photoshop exceeds the cost. What really tipped the scales for me was Affinity Photo having an iPad app which used the same core engine. This means that I can migrate my work between my Mac and my iPad and have all the same editing options as the desktop software. This had an additional cost of $20.00 (Currently as of time of writing, 30% off), but even with the total collection at $70.00, since this was less than a year of Photoshop CC, it fully tipped the favor to Affinity.

I’d love to hear what you guys think. Leave a comment below telling me why you would pick one or the other.

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