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I lost my wallet

Sometime Friday I lost my wallet. Most people would be in a fit over this, but because I have consistently lost my wallet since I changed to this new form factor, It didn’t really bother me. I figured it had just fallen out of my pants and got kicked under the bed or something. I didn’t really notice that it was missing until I went to pay for something Saturday. No big deal. Its at home, nothing to worry about. I get home Saturday night and look. I can not find it. I start to stress a little over this but I had just put my daughter and niece to sleep in my bed so I didn’t make a huge effort to search the room. I figure I’ll check tomorrow when the girls are up and it will be there and this is no big deal. Sunday morning rolls around and the girls are up and playing and I am tearing apart my bedroom trying to find my wallet with no luck. Eventually Sunday night my wife ends up finding it under the couch. All is good.

You might be reading this and wondering why I would bother to even write this article about this? The answer to this question is simple. The entire time that my wallet, which had my drivers license, debit card and credit cards, was missing, I was only mildly inconvenienced. Because of new technology, I was able to make the purchases I needed with only having to make slight adjustments to what would be my typical routine. Saturday night we had Pizza for dinner. Ordering it online was simple enough. Features in things such as Apple keychain and secure vaults in password application management software such as LastPass allow you to store credit card information. If you are so inclined, you can also allow the pizza company to retain your purchasing information to be used for later purchases. A little fault with ordering online is, it is not easy to do an “oh! and…”. We had forgot to get the drinks. This is the point where I was mildly inconvenienced. Normally I would just hop in the car and head down to Walmart, pick up some drinks and be on our merry way. Unfortunately Walmart does not see the value in contactless payment systems such as Android and Apple pay, So i went to Walgreen’s instead. Picked up the drinks we needed, waited in line. Picked up some red noses for the girls and checked out via my phone with no slowdown what so ever.

“But Shane!” I hear you start “You shouldn’t be driving without a license!” and I hear you my friend. Fortunately, the state had me covered there. Some time around 2015 Alabama decided to hand out digital copies of their drivers license. Currently I have a copy on my phone in my Apple Wallet.

Sunday while we were out and about handling things, we decided to visit everyone’s favorite fast food burger establishment, McDonald’s. My wife paid for dinner here. Where I come in is at the point we decided to buy an ice cream cone for our daughter. I go to the counter and order the cone, not even thinking once about the fact that i don’t have any of my cards. I open Apple Pay on my phone and tap the register, paying for my order and making me feel incredibly geeky in the process.

I know everyone’s mileage may vary, but for me, only having to redirect a visit (to a store that was about the same price and actually closer to my house), was not that big of a deal. I realize this calls for faith in technology where people are very reluctant to let anything near their debit and credit cards, but its a trade off for convenience. I’m not saying everyone should, or really even pushing anyone to try it. I just wanted to share my experience.

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